Laboratory chicken meat is coming into the market

Believe it or not! Laboratory chicken meat is coming into the market. Chicken meat is being prepared in the laboratory. It is also coming to the market.

Singapore has given the green signal to the United States to sell chicken made in the laboratory of the start-up ‘Eat Just’.

‘Eat Just’ says they got regulators permission as the first clean meat in the world. This meat is not prepared by killing any animal. A report by the news agency Reuters has given this information.

Consumer concerns about health, animal welfare, and the environment are increasing the demand for animal meat alternatives.

Vegetable-based meat alternatives have already begun to make their way into supermarket and restaurant menus.

Companies like Beyond Meat Inc. and Impossible Foods are promoting this type of meat. However, the issue of clean or cultured meat is still in its infancy.

This type of meat is made by culturing animal muscle cells in a general laboratory. However, it is not yet popular due to its high production cost.

Laboratory chicken meat is coming

Eat Just said on Today (2 december 2020) that Singapore was the world’s first country to approve genuine, high-quality meat made directly from animal cells for safe consumption.

This paved the way for the country to bring this meat to the market in small quantities.

Eat Just says their meat will be sold as nuggets and previously each was priced at 50.

But now the company’s chief executive, Jos Tetric, says prices will come down and premium chicken will be available at the same price when it hits the Singapore market.

Currently, more than two dozen companies around the world are conducting experiments in laboratories with fish, beef, and chicken.

They are expecting a response in the alternative meat market. Analysts say the alternative meat market will reach 140 billion by 2029.

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